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" The axe is laid to the root of the trees."  

Please look at this scripture and consider prayerfully in context.          

 What does this scripture mean ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

While you have enjoyed operating in the new man, the righteous bloodwashed new creation inner man that cannot sin,( because it is totally filled by the spirit of a holy God.  Legally and spiritually  you are redeemed thru faith in the shed blood of Jesus,the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.  And you have been  "made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.") and more amazing, You are now "seated with Christ in heavenly places". Being seated with christ is an authorisation of His to use His authority and His name Jesus, in kingdom dominion and more.     Lock this thought in. Stay with it!    Write it on the table of your heart. Jesus said, "come boldly to the throne of grace " and bring your petitions, bring your thanks and praise. Your heavenly Father waits for you to come with more love for you  than you can imagine. But as wonderful as this fact is, and we should remind ourselves of His grace and love,

from time to time the old sin nature will rear its ugly head and you will be afflicted. It will find ways to resist the spirit of god. It will lead you back into sin. Having suffered many falls, it will cause you great sorrow and Satan will enjoy condemming you! Your guilt could cause you to feel so defeated, that you could start to doubt your salvation, and become depressed.


Confess your sin, and believe Jesus will forgive you. Give thanks to him for his mercy, and move on with thanks and praise.

                          Remember,   "We are to enter His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts and enter His courts with praise."

 " There is no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus who walk every day in the Spirit of the Lord."   ( You are walking in the spirit by confessing your sin and claiming the blood of Jesus, the lamb of God, over your whole life and habits.) Asking the Lord to reveal to you why you are falling will help, or, what you need to avoid will help. Deal thoroughly with what He shows you.

Compulsive liar, or thief or drunk, are just some examples of sin that may filter into the cup of your life. Some serious mind/sins are anxiety, fear, doubt, unbelief and confusion,  which are the opposite to faith. In fact I believe doubt fear and unbelief are powerful evil spirits.

( Don't ever let these nest in your head.)

"The fearful and the unbelieving shall have their part in the lake of fire.")

 But there is a way to allow Jesus to give you victory over such sins !!!!   The principle of

" laying the axe to the root of the trees."

It has everything to do with  "repentance towards God " and confession to Him for your sin, and a desire to turn from all sin. It includes the believer's " baptism in water by immersion in the name of Jesus" ( as a believer of sufficient age to fully understand what he is doing according to the scriptures.( This does not include infant baptism.)   This  significant act of obedience demonstrates our desire to follow Jesus and the ministry honoured by Jesus of John the Baptist, so ......

Let's just have done with the old sin nature once and for all!   (It's difficult dealing with one besetting sin at a time.) So we can chop the whole forrest of sin trees down all together, by asking Jesus to run His spiritual bulldozer over the whole forrest of trees, uprooting them.

This is how you can  "lay the axe to the root of the trees," and then, ...... 

 we can call the fire of God down on these pesky roots to be burned to ashes by the mighty power  and grace of Jesus. Never doubt that the  believer has been given this authority in His mighty name. We all need to  experience the

" Baptism in the Holy spirit and with fire" that John the Baptist spoke of, as they come up out of the water, when they are baptised in water by immersion. The sign gift for this power gift, is speaking in tongues. This unlearned language is by the power of the Holy Spirit. ( We may ask for the interpretation of the words). This gift is one of the mysteries spoken of in the New Testament and involves praise worship and prayers to the glory of God Allmighty. It is involved in edifying the new creation inner man also.

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You can be free! "He whom the Son sets free is free indeed."

 If you neglect to take action, you can be sure that a Holy God will convict you of your sin ....... so let's do it right now!

Conviction is a kindly devine reminder,- for our protection.

( Condemnation on the other hand is from Satan, and just makes you feel so worthless and bad! ) So ......

 lets just take authority over Satan now, Say out aloud "I bind your power in Jesus Name with chains unbreakable according to Psalm 149."

Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, I ask you to " stretch forth your mighty hand, with signs, wonders and miracles, according to the spirit and power of God, so that all these people, reading right now, will be set free and never be the same again. Fill them with your Holy spirit and restore to them the Joy of the Lord, I ask in Jesus name

Thank you Jesus. Glory be to God.You are so worthy of glory and honour and power and riches  Lord Jesus.

" Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God allmighty!"

 " Holy is His Name. " Thank you Jesus.

Thank you Jesus, our merciful high priest.

  "Great is thy faithfullness Lord unto me ".

 "Heaven and earth are full of your glory". 


If you  still crave the reassurance of the Father's love for you? - Just personally, for you alone?

The Father loves you!!! We can meditate on the scriptures that teach us of His Love. Look at Next look for "posts about books of the Bible" for an audio, a  beautiful, music backed video featuring this. Open to  "People healing people" then scroll down till you see a pink rose on the right side of the screen on the video.It is such a blessing. 

 "The love of God is shed abroard in our hearts by the Holy Ghost." 

I often wondered what Jesus was referring to in the last book the book of Revelation ......where He warns the churches who He saw had departed from their FIRST  Love. I now know that tho they loved the Saviour at the beginning they now had another that they loved and quoted. God is a jealous God.Think carefully about the undivided attention we could be tricked to share with ANOTHER.     I am talking of the false gnostic apostle Paul, whom millions believe quote and trust. Repent today. Renounce and cast out the antichrist spirit that came as you read his lies!   IT"S time! God bless you.