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 If you have been walking on a path that is deceptive, the end results will be serious. Your diligence re the path you were led to follow as a child, when you lacked understanding, will not be an excuse either. The scripture warns  over and over " Let no man decieve you by any means:" and "Be not decieved". Don't think for a minute you couldn't be decieved. It is stated that Satan decieves the whole world in Revelation 12:9.  

 " Jesus came to set the captives free, to open prison doors, to make the blind to see." It is possible to be well and truly alive on earth doing normal every day life things,  and have a problem with a repetitive unconfessed sin and be in a prison of the body or soul or the spirit. This is a dimension of the spirit realm that is not well understood. Repentance and confession is essential to come out of this tormenting condition. It will be a serious fight to be set free.

It also is possible to be spiritually blind while carefully following your religion, ie,  if the word of God is neglected and your action and beliefs are unscriptural. It is up to us to study the word carefully, and not depend only on the word of any leader who presents himself as a man of the cloth,  a teacher, an expert. You will stand before God's throne alone one day. Your teacher or leader also will stand alone and answer to God.  "If any man lacks wisdom let him ask of God. "

" Neither did I learn it nor did any man teach me, but by the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ."

 " The words are even in thy mouth."

 " I will give you a mouth and wisdom and all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay or resist."

Thank you Jesus, that" all the promises of God are Yes and amen and someone said there are 100,000 or so." God bless you abundantly spirit soul and body (even to, the very DNA),  mind emotions and will, and to the frontal lobe that has been influenced by serious sin or lies, in Jesus mighty name. Daily bind the all prevailing antichrist spirit which will attempt to draw you into error. Hallelujah Jesus for the victory you won for us. Amen.